"Savannah Harbor" by Eliot Candee Clark

Eliot Candee Clark (1883–1980)
Savannah Harbor
c. 1924
Oil on canvas
20¼ x 24¼ inches
Museum purchase; 1990.028

Eliot Candee Clark's father, Walter Clark, was a respected artist who worked with noted nineteenth century tonalist painters. Tonalists were interested in the subtle variations of color. Their paintings present a general impression of a scene using colors in shades of usually brown or gray. Although both styles of art demonstrate the effects of light on color, unlike the impressionists, tonalist painters did not focus on an instantaneous moment. Savannah Harbor presents variations in hues of mauve, gray, and blue. Attention is not paid to the perspective or depth of the scene. Rather, the viewer's eye is guided across the canvas by Clark's horizontal brushstrokes as well as his placement of the harbor's horizon line.