"Path in a Southern Garden" by Alfred Hutty

Alfred Hutty (1877–1954)
Path in a Southern Garden
Oil on canvas
25 x 25 inches
Museum purchase; 1996.035

Alfred Hutty's service in World War I brought him to the port city of Charleston, South Carolina. The artist fell in love with the Southern city and believed that it could be an art center for the country. He became a key figure in a rebirth of artistic development in Charleston, which art historian Martha Severens has termed the Charleston Renaissance. The period dates from 1915 to 1940, and it was a time in which several artists drew their subject matter from the beauty and diversity of the scenery in the area that Hutty thought so perfect for the painted image. Path in a Southern Garden demonstrates Hutty's interest in an impressionistic play of light and color which he place in strong dashes on the canvas to bring the form of this picturesque garden scene to life.