"Portrait of Mrs. William Creighton (Elizabeth Meade Creighton" by Charles Bird King Charles Bird King (1785–1862)
Portrait of Mrs. William Creighton (Elizabeth Meade Creighton)
c. 1820
Oil on canvas
36 x 28 inches
Museum purchase; 1996.029

In this painting, artist Charles Bird King has highlighted the aristocratic and friendly personality of Mrs. William Creighton. The portrait is part of a pair that King painted of Mrs. Creighton and her husband. The Morris Museum of Art holds only the portrait of Mrs. Creighton while that of her husband is located in a private collection.

In this portrait, Elizabeth Creighton does not blend into her setting. She sits before us in a commanding pose. King emphasized this by the attention to her broad shoulders and by contrasting her deep black dress against the bright red armchair. Her face glows with luminous brown eyes and rosy cheeks. King demonstrated his high attention to detail in his rendering of the thin chiffon-like scarf that falls down her shoulder and continues in a drape over her arm. Elizabeth delicately holds her hands together, drawing attention to her gold rings, including her wedding band. King has balanced the composition through the use of the color red, further highlighting the sitter as a warm and friendly person.