"Charleston Doorway" by Anthony Thieme

Anthony Thieme (1888–1954)
Charleston Doorway
Oil on canvas
30½ x 36½ inches
Museum purchase; 1989.01.205

Charleston Doorway demonstrates Anthony Thieme's mastery of light and shadow. Thieme painted this work during the winter of 1946 to 1947. The artist spent many winters in Charleston, South Carolina during a period of artistic rebirth in the Southern city, known as the Charleston Renaissance. Working in the vein of the impressionists, Charleston Doorway demonstrates the artist's interest in the effect of light on color. Often Thieme layered various colors on the canvas to create the form of his subjects rather than the form being colored in. His working technique included a quick build up of thickly-impastoed surfaces, where the paint is so thickly applied that one can see a high level of texture remaining on the canvas.